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Streaming killed the wire: Spotify and other wonderful music platforms in streaming (I)

rothandmyers October 25, 2019 0 comments

Smartphones are always with us and they have become an extension of our bodies. In many cases it is a replacement of objects such as: watches, books, magazines, diaries, calculators, maps, cameras and video cameras, game consoles and, of course, music players. There are still very few people that do not listen to online music through online streaming platforms. The arrival of this type of services led to a paradigm change on how music is consumed.

Advantages of streaming music

It has a lot of advantages, such as the possibility to instantly have access to a wide catalogue of songs without having to download them to our device one by one. Files are temporarily located in the different devices (smartphones, PCs and tablets) as data flow.

As a result, streaming is a perfect alternative to traditional music purchase. It is also a good way to end with piracy because most of the platforms include a free version or have very low prices. Streaming is a business model proven successful that offers the possibility to make your own playlists.

Each platform has its own features that make them more or less popular.

1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular ones. It has more than 200 millions of users and almost half of them have the Premium version (paid one).
It offers one of the most complete music catalogues in the net. It has around 35 millions of songs. It is not the platform that includes most songs but it keeps its users and attracts new ones with its freemium model.
Using the free version you can listen to all the songs you want with some ads. The Premium version offers some advantages that makes it worthwhile: you can download the songs to listen to your music offline, remove ads and skip as many songs as you want.

2. Deezer

With a wider music catalogue than Spotify, Deezer is one of the main rivals. It has 56 millions of songs and 16 millions of users.  Deezer also offers a free version with limited features and a paid option with good prices comparable to those on other platforms.
In the free version we do not have as many ads as in Spotify but we cannot download music to listen to it offline. In Android devices it is only allowed to listen to music in the shuffle mode.

3. Tidal

Tidal is music platform that was launched with the aim of creating an exclusive platform with a better payment for artists and more audio quality. It has a music catalogue of around 59 millions of songs, 150.000 music videos and almost 4 millions of users.
Unlike Spotify and Deezer it does not have a free version but you can try it free for 30 days. A good point is that it has more variety of payment plans depending on user’s experiences.

tidal subscription typesTidal can play FLAC songs without quality loss (learn more about audio formats here). However, it only matters if your device can play audio by Hi-Fi. This lossless audio playing and music video combination makes Tidal the most exclusive streaming platform thus far.


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