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Bring back to life your old audio devices with SoundHub

rothandmyers September 25, 2019 0 comments

It’s just a prototype at the moment, but today we want to present our latest development:

The SoundHub from RÖTH & MYERS, the new generation of digital sound amplifiers.

SoundHub is a compact stereo audio amplifier that is integrated, wireless and wired. With SoundHub, you can play music in real time anywhere – in the whole house, in a room or outdoors. In addition, the device also lets you stream high fidelity music into your headphones.

SoundHub easily connects to your speakers: shelf, tower, wall, ceiling or outdoor. The inputs and outputs provide compatibility with your old audio equipment, so you can play the music you like best from that device you liked so much and had to stop using. In terms of size, it’s specially designed to occupy little space and fit in a rack.


Connect, Connect, Connect

With SoundHub you can not only amplify your music to any passive speaker, but you can also connect your old (and perhaps abandoned) speakers to today’s music platforms like Spotify or Tidal on any of your Apple or Android devices.

Connect your device to your favourite radio or music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, Napster, iHeartRadio, DoubanFM or QQ.

You can also do so by downloading our R&M Player App on iOS or Google PlayStore for free and start enjoying a fantastic online music experience.

Choose between Wifi, Airplay or Bluetooth for wireless or HDMI connectivity, and optical, USB-In, USB DAC, Ethernet, line-in or headphone jack for wired connectivity.

Why are we developing SoundHub?

Why are we developing SoundHub?

Why spending a lot of money on a digital sound amplifier?

Why just enjoying an audio experience through your amplifying system? Why not also integrating it into your home cinema experience and connecting it to your Smart TV?

Why not having all the connectivity? From Airplay to LAN, DLNA, BT, HDMI to Optical?

Why not integrating it into your Multiroom and Multichannel system?

Why not having a device with a smaller and nicer compact design integrated into your lifestyle?

Our R&D team raised all these questions to conclude that we would redefine how sound amplifiers should be connected to other devices to get the most out of them.

We want to achieve maximum performance without high costs. We support all the latest protocols, high-resolution codecs and loss-free.

How can I collaborate in the development of SoundHub?

Our goal is simple: we want to redefine the music amplifier experience!

As it is still a prototype, we are open to suggestions, because we are convinced that the music lover can contribute the most. We will tell you soon how you can collaborate in its development.

If you want us to keep you up to date with SoundHub news, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter in the form below.

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